We all deserve to live a creative life.

Creativity grounds us.
It has the power to calm the mind and nourish the soul, and we could all do with a little more of that.

Join me on my creative journey, as I share my work, inspirations and take you behind the scenes.

I'm Cheryl. I write about my life in the North East of England; the things I make, the things I like, the food I cook, and the places I go. 

So pull up a chair, and get settled in.

Where you can find me:

Want to know more?

The Secret Garden is one of my favourite childhood books, and from the moment Mary Lennox stepped through the ivy-covered door into that secret garden, it captivated me.

In that beautiful garden Mary learns to embrace the seasons and the landscape. It was a place of refuge, to grow and nourish the soul. 

So this is my Secret Garden. 

A place to slow down, appreciate the moment and create something.

Because there is something so satisfying, so reassuring, about the process of creating. There is a healing power in it, whether it be cooking a meal from scratch for yourself and loved ones, using sticks and yarn to create something warm and woolly to wrap yourself up in and keep you warm, or planting a seed and nurturing it to life.